Study Tips & Best Strategies to Adopt for Passing C.A Exams


The C.A(Chartered Accountants) examination is the ultimate aim for students pursuing a bright career in finance. However, it is one of the most difficult courses, with the lowest pass percentage.  The course goes deeply into many disciplines related to accounting, finance, economics, business management, law, and taxation.

Although it is true that if you can dream it, you can achieve it, cracking C.A is considered extremely difficult since it requires intense concentration and dedication to study genuinely for 8-10 hours per day as the course requires, thus there is a need for proper guidance to achieve this goal. The examination is divided into below mentioned three Levels:

  • C.A Foundation
  • C.A Intermediate
  • C.A Finals

It is regarded as difficulty increases with each increasing level.

How to study for the C.A exams?

  • Make a timetable and follow it strictly and this gives you more control over your day and helps you to make the most out of the time to study effectively.
  • Assess your strengths ie the subjects in which you are good and spend less time on them while investing greater time on the subjects where you need to improve. This helps you to study equally for all topics.
  • CA syllabus can be confusing as it is vast and there are many chapters in the entire course even hard to count so if you think you need to seek assistance from coaching centers or academies then always go for the best
  • Practicing past year’s question papers is one of the best strategies to improve your knowledge which are easily accessible for you to attempt. You can also refer mock test papers and revision test papers that are published by ICAI one month before exams.

Tips and tricks for coping with exam stress:

CA has a very low pass percentage which creates fear in minds of students and coping with such pressure and clearing exams becomes a challenge for students so here are a few tips and tricks to manage it.

1) Time- Management

Time management is key for clearing the CA examination. You should try to accomplish high results instead of spending more time on social networking sites, enjoying Television, and spending time with friends. There is a need for constant focus and to make the most out of the time available.

2) Start Early

Students believe they have plenty of time and start studying when exams are approaching. This is not the best technique to prepare for CA exams because the syllabus is complex. Make sure you finish the syllabus at least one month before the exam to give sufficient time for revision.

3) Give enough time to breaks

Your goal is to study, but taking frequent pauses during the study session is essential because if you study continuously to tend to forget things as your mind is not fresh.  so take frequent breaks to relax at least a 10-15 minute break every hour is a must.

4) Stay Motivated

This is crucial when studying. A student could be distracted in a variety of ways. Avoid using electronic devices when studying and never seek advice from pessimistic students. Make it a point to just not engage in discussion with students who dropped the CA exam because it may demotivate you.

5) Eat lots of healthy fruits and vegetables

Eating healthy fruits and green vegetables are great for your both mental and physical health. Keeping your health good is the most important thing, only then you can give your hundred percent on the CA exam day.

6) Examination Day Guidelines

As there is only one preparatory leave between exams, it is practically difficult to cover the entire syllabus in it, so don’t stress about it and instead be confident in your prior hard work and appear for the exam with self-belief.


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