8 ways to keep your child happy and optimistic about life

8 ways to keep your child happy and optimistic about life

Not knowing how to keep a child happy and optimistic about life is perhaps the biggest fear of the current generation of parents.

Happiness does not come readymade. It is the result of our life activities. Life is too short to wake up with worries and regrets. Parenting kids is tough, and bringing them in such a manner that they grow and develop happy and satisfied is much more challenging. As parents, you want to offer your children the finest quality education and assist them in developing a healthy outlook on life and humanity. However, there is no single way to accomplish it. No single style of parenting or strategy will support you in raising your kids in the manner you prefer. The lifestyle choices you make along the way in your parenting journey will influence your child’s happiness.

Here are 8 lifestyle changes you can make to give your child a healthy, secure, and happy atmosphere:

  1. Make your child self-sufficient

Some parents are oversensitive to their kids.  This sort of behaviour can annoy kids or make them overly reliant on their parents. Racing to prevent your children from doing everything inappropriate can be detrimental to them in the long run. This spoon-feeding behaviour negatively impacts the child’s growth and makes them highly dependent on every little thing.  Allow your youngster to weep if he falls while playing. He will eventually try to pick himself up, continue playing, learn to handle situations independently, and grow up to be a happy child.

  1. Make certain they get proper sleep

Make certain your child get proper sleep

Sleep may be the secret to your wellbeing and increased efficiency. This is especially true for youngsters. They require a lot of sleep to be happy. Unfortunately, findings reveal that youngsters today get much less sleep per night than in previous eras because of the increased difficulty of education and other activities they are engaged in. The minimum number of hours of sleep per day varies for children of various ages, and parents should ensure they are getting it.

  1. Assist Your child in developing positive relations

Friends and family provide a lot of happiness and also memorable moments to remember for the rest of one’s lifetime. Children may readily bond with family members and even with their classmates. However, parents must teach their kids to do so with neighbours or even relatives. If your home environment is poor and there are conflicts in your family, it can negatively impact your child, and he will not be happy forever. So make sure your family atmosphere is positive.

  1. Make positive affirmations a part of your daily routine

Your youngster is attempting to find their place in this turbulent world. This is not a simple task; it is a lifelong process even for grownups. Assist your child in navigating their path by acknowledging the choices he or she makes. This can be a word of support, a celebration of their small accomplishments, or a motivator at every step. Be open to new opportunities and experiment with any idea your kid considers so that they feel loved and supported at every step.

  1. Make a habit of talking to your child

Spend time and talk to your child to make sure they are happy

Many children express their feelings to their parents. However, these are typically regarded as typical childhood outbursts or rants and are simply forgotten. Your children can eventually develop a feeling of worthlessness or a sense of inferiority. They need to know that can tell you anything at all, and you would understand exactly what they are dealing with. Spending time and talking to your child is the most effective way to know whether he/she is happy in life or not.

  1. Instil strong principles and values in your child

Children can grow up to be powerful, good leaders if strong moral values are taught to them at an early age. Understanding what is really “good and bad”, holding them responsible for their mistakes, and mentoring them to follow the rules and keep up their promises is one way of instilling good manners. Talk about your own personal experiences, like the moment when you helped someone, showed gratitude towards others and more to let children know how they should react in certain situations.

  1. Allow sufficient time for playing

Allow your child sufficient time for playing

Playing automatically reduces stress and enhances joy in youngsters. Furthermore, spending time playing is critical for their growth and development. Parents may believe that there is nothing “useful” about playtime, but this is the ideal tip if you want your child to be happy, let them play free-minded.

  1. Help others

If you wish to keep your child happy, let him or her experience making other people happy. Kindness and generosity have the power to make the world a happier place. A random act of generosity can increase self-confidence, pleasure, and positivity. As a result, you must teach your children the value of helping others.


Numerous factors influence a child’s behaviour and happiness negatively. Such as leaving the child lonely for an extended period, mothers who are unhappy or depressed,  parents who are too busy doing other things, family issues, and a variety of other factors. It is critical to help children comprehend the impact of their ideas, actions, and tasks to prepare the ground for their future well-being. When your child learns to think positively from a young age, they have a much better chance of leading happy, sound, and successful careers and lives, so put the recommendations above into practice.

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