8 reasons why you should soak dry fruits in water before eating

8 reasons why you should soak dry fruits in water before eating

Nuts and dry fruits have been proven to have a plethora of health benefits for our bodies. They are a powerhouse of nutrients with rich proteins, vitamins, and dietary fibers that our body requires for its smooth functioning. They are easy to consume and can be a healthy snack to grab in between our meals. It has always been a conflicting thought whether the consumption of soaked nuts and dry fruits is better than that of raw ones.

Here’s a list of 8 reasons why you should be consuming your nuts and dry fruits after soaking them in water:


  • Eliminates Phytic acids

Nuts and dry fruits produce a toxic substance known as phytic acid to prevent themselves from animals and insects. It is a bitter-tasting substance that one can taste if they eat the nuts raw. Soaking nuts overnight make sure that it’s washed off before we consume them. This also ensures the availability of more nutrients and minerals that one can eventually consume.

Dry fruits and nuts eliminates phytic acids


  • Better Digestion

Soaking nuts and dry fruits overnight make the skin softer and easier for our bodies to digest the same. The absorption of nutrients is enhanced as the toxic substances get washed away and do not get mixed with zinc, iron, and magnesium and are easily accepted by our system to take it in and process effectively. It also helps in increasing our metabolism, eventually helping in weight loss.

better metabolism from consumption of soaked nuts and dry fruits


  • Removal of Tannins

Dry fruits and nuts contain a substance called tannin which isn’t good if absorbed directly by our system. It acts as a hindrance to the complete absorption of nutrients. Soaking these in water helps in getting rid of the nutritional inhibitors that block the absorption of nutrients into our bloodstream.

almonds help in removal of toxic substances


  • Builds Stronger Immunity

Dry fruits immersed in water overnight, especially raisins have proven to give health and skin benefits over time. It helps our body to build stronger immunity along with blemish-free skin and prevents our bodies from getting physically deteriorated. It also aids in refining our liver health and purifies the blood which makes our bodies function efficiently.

nuts and dry fruits are immunity booster


  • Helps in getting rid of Enzyme Inhibitors

Soaking nuts helps in getting rid of the enzyme inhibitors that are produced by nuts and dry fruits. If consumed directly, these enzyme inhibitors make it difficult for our intestines to digest the nuts, eventually causing digestive issues. Soaking, therefore, helps us in getting rid of these inhibitors which can cause damage to our systems.

nuts and dry fruits get rid of enzyme inhibitors


  • Helps in Producing Good Enzymes

Soaking nuts and dry fruits help in producing the good enzymes that are beneficial for our gut bacteria. Containing the necessary dietary fibers, both soluble and insoluble helps add bulk and maintain healthy bowel movements. It also helps lower the bad cholesterol present in our system and pushes the usefulness of good cholesterol, making our body functionality better by reducing the chances of heart and gut diseases.

dry fruits promote better digestion in bodies


  • Helps in Increasing Protein Absorption

When nuts and dry fruits are soaked overnight, it encourages and pushes our bodies towards an increase in protein absorption. The right kind of digestive enzymes and stomach acid comes from soaked nuts and dry fruits which help in breaking protein into amino acids which then get absorbed into the human body. Protein being an inevitable part of our system is needed for the growth of our muscles, the nourishment of our skin and hair along with cell repairment. Soaking nuts, therefore, help in getting all the right kinds of protein required by our bodies.

nuts are Protein boosters


  • Helps in the reabsorption of Vitamin B12

The B vitamins and B12 vitamin absorption increase when we consume nuts and dry fruits that contain a spectrum of B Vitamins that are soaked overnight. This further helps in the prevention of nutrient loss and bone density loss as well by making our bodies consume the right kinds of nutrients and vitamins.

source of vitamins and nutrients


Don’t forget to soak your nuts and dry fruits overnight for better results and health benefits that lead to better efficacy and functionality of our bodies.

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