8 Best Moments of Indian Cinematic History that are Timeless

8 Best Moments of Indian Cinematic History that are Timeless

It’s hard to leave a lasting impression on viewers’ memories in an age when binge-watching movies and online series has become a daily habit. With such variety on hand, those few which stay up are the only ones noteworthy. Our lives are full of memorable moments that are tied together by the flow of time. Give fully to this moment, because that is how you choose to live in it that describes you, not the moment itself. Likewise, Bollywood is loaded with such crowning achievements that are linked up by every new movie, and today we will look back at some of the best moments in  Indian cinematic history.

Best Moments in Indian Cinema

Here are the 8 Best Moments Of Indian Cinema:


1) Happy woman is a myth From Pyaar Ka Punchnama

It is one of the best scenes in which the Indian male audience laughed out loud.  Kartik Aaryan spat out as much hatred as he could in his Five-minute period speech against his girlfriend to his roommates in Pyaar Ka Punchnama, giving life to all the unexpressed thoughts of Indian boyfriends. Which is exactly what the majority of men do. This scene has a high comedic brilliance factor due to its bitter truthfulness and artistic value.

Pyaar ka Punchnama Epic scene from Kartik Aaryan

2) Post-scuba-diving scene from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

As correctly stated You always feel calm and nice around nature, despite your mood. The group’s emotions were triggered by their interaction with the serenity of the sea. Hrithik’s expressions and shedding tears after diving. It’s almost as if you’re letting go of your problems and loving life as it is, with no regrets or disappointments. It is one of the best moments of Indian cinematic history and has shown the endless beauty of nature.

Zindagi na Milegi Dobara

3) Chatur Balatkaari speech from 3 Idiots

It is especially challenging for a comedy segment to be one of the most memorable scenes. But, this scene from 3 Idiots rates so high on the magnificence level that Chatur’s balatkaari speech is responsible for a large portion of 3 Idiots’ popularity. The speech not only makes you laugh, but it also communicates a massively important message: cramming up things would not get you very far in reality.

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Chatur Speech from 3 idiots

4)  Shahrukh Khan Speech just before final from Chak De India!

The atmosphere in a professional player’s locker room before a big game is similar to that of a boiler. And that’s when the duty of a coach is significant. In Chak De, ShahRukh’s plays a former player-turned-coach of the Indian national women’s hockey team and delivers a fantastic and highly motivational speech before the match that convinces and comforts the players’ fears even while fueling them up to win the game as well as the love of the audience.


5) Jee le apni zindagi, jaa Simran jaa  from Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

It’s impossible to think about Indian cinema without this epic scene. This scene is packed with true charm and is considered so iconic that it is often associated with initiating the trend of train scenes in almost every romantic movie. Simply the best moment in modern Indian cinema, and kudos to Aditya Chopra for putting it all together.

6) Zaheer’s death, Munnabhai MBBS

This film altered the course of Indian cinema. Munna Bhai stole our hearts and soul forever with his amazing storyline. Munna’s life had been all exciting until the day he witnessed Zaheer die helplessly. We were all in tears because he was frustrated that he really can not aid him and was the most emotional and best moment of Indian cinematic history.

 7) Tareekh pe tareekh dialogue from Damini

This moment is an instance of Sunny Deol making effective use of his thunderous voice. Sunny, who is dissatisfied with India’s frustratingly slow court system, intimidates both the judge and the audience with his aggressive dialogue execution and legitimate arguments   No surprise it is still regarded as the best courthouse moment in Indian cinema today.

8) Chaiyya Chaiyya performance from Dil se

We don’t witness rail scenes like this in Bollywood quite often  The dance of this song on a running train is still remembered and is immortal. It’s hard to imagine how difficult the shoot would be with so many actors and sets riding on the train with the lead pair of Shah rukh khan and Malaika Arora.





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