7 worst side effects of dieting for your body

7 worst side effects of dieting for your body

Living in the world of fitness where the only mantra to success is dieting, we often get overwhelmed by the norms set by society that gives a certain perspective to people and forces them to be a certain way that might not go well with their physical and mental well-being. Wholesome well-being is something that people lack these days because of being in the rat race of achieving the desired numbers on the weighing scale which leads them to varied forms of dieting that do not even suit their bodies.

Dieting if done in the right way can surely be beneficial but going overboard with it and losing control to shred those extra numbers is something that harms our body in the long run. People blindly follow diets that are not suitable for them and face the repercussions that they conveniently ignore in the beginning but soon regret falling into the trap when their body starts taking a downfall.

Here are the 7 worst side effects of dieting


  • Fatigue Levels Going Up

When you cut down on the basic nutrients that your body requires for daily functioning, the energy levels go down drastically, making one feel drained out and lethargic, constantly leaving them with no desire to do anything. The persistent feeling of fatigue can bring down one’s morale and drive to work, making them feel zoned out of places, and leaving them physically and mentally tired.

Tired and Fatigued woman in Office

  • Losing your Hair

Studies suggest that by joining the bandwagon of a low-calorie diet, one might start losing hair due to a deficiency of certain nutrients that disrupts the usual functioning of our hair follicles. This kind of nutritional deficiency further leads to deteriorated hair health which also affects the overall hair growth of a person. The deficiency of Niacin also known as Vitamin B3 can lead to cases of diffuse alopecia making one regret their decision to relentlessly diet.

Hairfall due to dieting


  • Risk of Depression

Most diets are prone to failure a lot of times and this failure comes out as a negative indicator that is susceptible to play with one’s mind. The feeling of failing oneself now and then triggers one’s beliefs in themselves and raises self-doubt, making one feel guilty about being in the failed spot they are in, eventually giving rise to anxiety and depression levels. The continuous feeling of failure gives room for self-esteem to go down, taking a toll on the mental health of people.

Unhappy woman on diet

  • Development of Saggy Skin

Extreme levels of dieting and shredding weight way too fast result in skin sagging out and loosening which is not healthy or pleasing to the eyes. Our skin is unable to shrink the same way as our body does and the change in the pace of shrinkage eventually results in the skin being saggy. Blindly following any low-calorie diet to just reduce your weight as fast as you can leave you with issues that would be much more harmful to cater to than increased weight.

Saggy skin due to weight loss


  • Changes in Menstrual Cycle

The menstrual cycle for women is dependent on a lot of factors and a constant fluctuation in their weight can be a leading factor in messing up the regularity of the cycle. The variation in hormones and extreme changes in diet can affect the smooth functioning of the body that the bodies are used to, leading to unusual changes that may lead to irritability.

Irritated Woman on her Periods

  • Troubled Sleep Cycle

When your body is not getting the right amount of nutrients and it’s not happy internally, it reflects on your sleep pattern. Unattended diet requirements mess up our sleep cycle and leave us troubled with a certain uneasiness, increased irritability, and lethargy throughout the day. Constant changes in our dietary plans can affect our body’s ways to reset itself, leaving impacts that can cause irreparable harm in the long run.

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Man facing trouble sleeping due to excessive dieting


  • Effects on Skin Health

What we eat and consume on a day-to-day basis is reflected by the means of our skin. Consuming insufficient nutrients can result in poor skin health with our skin getting prone to acne, wrinkles, fine lines, unwanted break-outs, and overall dullness. The right kind of nutrients when supplied in the right kind of quantities can stop your skin from unwanted aging and can also put a stop to this uncalled deterioration in skin health.

Acne breakouts on skin


Be a conscious person with the right understanding of things when you consider dieting and don’t forget to be mindful about what you are gaining and what you are losing when it comes to intake of food.


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