5 Best Kangana Ranaut Movies You Must Watch

Kangana Ranaut best movies

Kangana Ranaut, the “Queen” of Bollywood, is a three-time National Award-winning star who also has the potential to pull in a few excellent box-office figures for her solo movies. She is regarded in Bollywood as a brave, focused, self-confident, and independent woman   Whether that’s her first movie, Gangster, or Fashion, wherein she does not play the lead role, she continues to shine throughout every movie of hers and has shown her value in Bollywood blockbusters.

Kangana Ranaut best movies you would love to watch

When describing Kangana Ranaut, a single movie cannot be regarded; however, a series of movies will jump to mind. Each unique scene, facial expression, dramatic role, and hit dance performance have their charm and popularity among audiences.

Here is the list of  Best movies by Kangana Ranaut of all times:

1) Tanu Weds  Manu

Tanu Weds  Manu is a family comedy movie that can be watched at any time. I wouldn’t call her portrayal in the film her best, but this is one of her finest. It contains humor, sentiments, melodrama, and, of course, sensational songs. The plot follows the main character whose wedding breaks apart, and who finds love with Datto, a doppelganger of his ex-wife. But, eventually, the separated couple’s feelings revive and they couldn’t see each other with someone else.

2) Fashion

Kangana Ranaut plays a supporting role in the film Fashion, which features Priyanka Chopra in the lead role and for which she won a Filmfare Supporting actress. The movie is based on a real and very unfortunate story of supermodel Gitanjali, who quickly falls from the glamour of the stage to the extremely bad levels of narcotics, alcoholism, and many other things. Her persona looks into the lifestyle of a supermodel and the pain and suffering that comes with working. Kangana’s outstanding performance won her applause in the industry for the first time, and this Madhur Bhandarkar’s comedy remained a pivotal film in her profession.


The story of Queen is centered around a woman embarking on a solo journey of self-discovery. The film is not only about Rani’s struggle to find her real personality. It calls for the breakdown of society’s patriarchal society that doesn’t consider women’s worth. It is about women having a right to make their own decisions and do what they believe is best. Women should prioritize trying new things, challenging norms, and maintaining their identity. Kangana Ranaut is turned into the true star she is by Queen. For the film, she received both a Filmfare and a National Award. No other actress could have portrayed the memorable character of Rani very well and the fan base felt linked as they were experiencing identical points in life.

4) Panga

Panga is a sports drama where  Jaya Nigam is a world-class Kabaddi player who finds work in the Railways under sports reservation and eventually loses her individuality attributable to the fact of being a good wife, and it is about the female athlete who excels in breaking societal standards however her success would not have been possible without the support of her family. This is one of the best movies by Kangana Renaut.

5) Manikarnika- The Queen of Jhansi

Kangana Ranaut, an ambitious and passionate woman commemorated Rani Lakshami Bai, Queen of Jhansi by her role in this movie. Manikarnika was a fearless soldier that fought with the Britishers to safeguard her homeland. This movie is about Rani Lakshami Bai’s bravery and her ability to manage an entire empire on her own. This patriotic film is directed by Radha Krishna and Kangana Ranaut impressed us in this role which depicted her bold personality.

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