10 Feel-Good Hindi Songs by Independent Artists that will Cheer You Up

10 Feel-Good Hindi Songs by Independent Artists that will Cheer You Up

Are you going through a day where you have no energy, and everything and anything seems annoying and irritating to you? Sometimes even people don’t understand why they feel negative emotions out of nowhere. These days are the worst and can divert you towards a slump. It’s hard to rise back up if you are dragged into the pit of despair. To solve this dilemma, we have tried creating a list of feel-good Hindi songs that may save you from the hopelessness of certain days and even life in general at vulnerable moments. These feel-good Hindi songs will make you wanna sing along while reminiscing about the good old memories with your friends and family.

Feel-Good Hindi Songs by Independent Artists

Bollywood has a long history of producing beautiful songs which can touch your heart. Hindi music artists like Sonu Nigam, AR Rahman, Shaan, Salim-Sulaiman, Mohit Chauhan, Shreya Ghoshal, Sunidhi Chauhan, Jubin Nautiyal and more have sung quite a few feel-good songs that all of us have enjoyed. However, this list will feature heartwarming songs from artists who are not known by many. We have included the not-so-popular wonderful Hindi songs that you should definitely listen to if you want to feel all cheered up.

Here are 10 Feel-Good Hindi Songs from Independent artists that will instantly cheer you up:

1- Pahadon Mein

Pahadon Mein sung by the independent artist Salman Elahi is a song that will soothe your soul. The beautiful voice of Elahi singing the lovely lyrics panned down by him will bring back joy to your life. This song will remind you about your trip to the mountains with your friends when you worried about nothing and lived and loved life. Salman Elahi’s magical voice will take you to a realm where you will feel that the stress accumulated upon your mind and body is drifting away. It is easily one of the best feel-good Hindi songs that you can come across in your life.

2- Dil Mere

The Local Train is a group of dedicated independent artists who have sung many beautiful songs throughout their careers. They create magical music and use lyrics that will touch your heart and soul. Dil Mere is a song that will make you reminisce about your first love. It will bring back all the good memories of when you enjoyed the most precious and pure love in your life. It’s a beautiful feel-good song that deserves to be appreciated more.

3- Kasoor

Kasoor is a song that became popular through social media. However, just like any other trend, the song has unfortunately gone out of trend. Prateek Kuhad, an independent singer and songwriter with a great voice, has sung this beautiful melody which will make you fall in love again. This is one of those feel-good Hindi songs that work better than therapy. We all need to appreciate this great artist to encourage him to make more music like this.

4- Alag Aasmaan

Those who have ventured into the world of songs by independent artists will definitely know the name of Anuv Jain. He is one of the biggest names on the independent circuit due to his mesmerizing songs that you can engulf your mind, heart and soul. Alag Aasmaan is a song that’s tuned by ukelele. The background instrumental voice just brings a different type of flavour to this beautifully written song.

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5- Tuta Pull Wahan

Deepak Rathore is a severely underrated Independent artist. His songs have this charming quality of making you forget about anything else and just enjoy the music he has created. Tuta Pull Wahan is a song in which Deepak reflects upon his love for mountains and hometown. Rathore’s beautiful voice singing the wonderfully written lyrics will definitely make you one of his fans. It is also one of those feel-good Hindi songs that will remind you of your family and home if you are staying away from them.

6- Chamba Kitni Duur

Chamba Kitni Duur is a beautiful Himachali folk song that’s made even more beautiful by the voice of Anirudh Bhola. You can feel the emotions in his voice. The song will make you wanna go on a road trip with your friends on the mountain. The song is actually about separation, but the music makes you feel good with its refreshing tone. It’s a heartwarming song that should be on your list.

7- Aao Chalein

Main Chala Sheher Se Dur, Nadi Ke Aur Pahadon Ke Beech, this line in this song is just too good to miss out on. Taba Chake, an independent artist, born and raised in Mumbai, sings beautiful melodies that will have the power to remove all the darkness and hopelessness in your life. The song is very fun and light. If you are ever on a trip to the mountains, play this song and sing along with all your friends. It will be a wonderful experience. This is one of those magical feel-good Hindi songs that will stay with you until the end.

8- Yeh Shaam

Yeh Shaam by Shubham Kabra is a beautiful song that’s an ode to all the beautiful moments that we tend to overlook in our bustling lives. This song will remind you of all the little things. From beautiful sunsets to the warmth of your mother’s love. It will make you reminisce about all the good memories. Shubham Kabra is an underrated artist who has written this song for one of his fans.

9- Tu Hai Kahaan

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of life? Do you find yourself questioning the meaning of existence in this life? If you do, then this song by Ishaan Kaushik is meant for you. The beautiful melody will tell you that what you are seeking is already inside of you. Just embrace the moments as they come. Live in the present and forget about the worries of tomorrow. This feel-good song delivers a beautiful message.

10- Aisi Raaton

This song by Anupam Roy is dedicated to all those people who experienced hardships during times of pandemics. Roy has tried to bring some calmness to our lives by singing this melodious track that makes you wanna feel good about your life. The song gives a message that one should always speak their hearts out and should discuss things that bug them with their close ones. If you are worried about something, this might be your cue to talk it out with the people you love and cherish.

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