10 Best Documentaries in Hindi to Watch on Netflix in 2022

10 Best Documentaries in Hindi to Watch on Netflix in 2022

A documentary is a non-fictional motion picture which captures reality, primarily for the purposes of training, education, or maintaining a historical record. Documentaries are not only incredibly interesting, but they also educate and force people to think deeply about the subject. Even real-life cases are revealed in some documentaries. Documentaries are an excellent method to get to the heart of a problem. A good documentary will leave you in awe, wondering what you could do to change or contribute to the issue, and thinking about how messed up the world is. 

best documentaries netflix in hindi

The 10 Best Hindi Documentaries to Watch on Netflix are listed below

  1. Limitless – A Documentary on Women and Running

The documentary follows the lives of eight Indian women who struggle with self-doubt and societal expectations and how they rediscover themselves through running.

  1. Ladies First

This documentary follows the life of national-level archer ‘Deepika Kumari’ on her quest. This narrative is fascinating and motivational and gives you a feel that you can rise from the ashes to achieve your goals.

  1. A Suitable Girl

A documentary that tells the stories of three young Indian women who are struggling to pursue their dreams while under increasing pressure to find a suitable partner. A documentary highlighting social intricacies and the challenges of trying to live life on your terms. It also provides insight into the intricate connections between marriage, family, and culture.

  1. Placebo

A documentary that examines the problems and causes of student suicide in India as well as the other side of the country’s education system. A story that every Indian student, parent, and teacher should watch because it demonstrates how competition can have a negative impact on students.

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  1. Celluloid Man

The character of Celluloid Man is based on the eminent Indian archivist P. K. Nair, well known as the “Guardian of Indian Cinema”. The documentary focuses on the life and work of P. K. Nair, a talented filmmaker and lifelong film collector. It showcases the importance of preserving visual arts.

  1. Rubaru Roshni

It is an anthology that centres around three people whose loved ones were brutally murdered. In this documentary, all three of them discuss how forgiveness and acceptance gave them the power to move on in life.

  1. Period. End of Sentence.

The main subject of this Oscar-winning documentary is menstruation and the stigma that accompanies it. Its major subject is a group of ladies who reside in rural India, where talking about menstruation is a taboo topic. These women create their own sanitary pads in these circumstances, beginning their journey to financial independence.

  1. Beyond All Boundaries

India practises cricket as a religion. This documentary only serves to support that. It takes place during the 2011 Cricket World Cup. But it centres on three superfans who give up a lot of their personal freedom for the love of the game.

  1. My Friend Hussain

This documentary is based on the life and work of the legendary painter MF Hussain, a unique and internationally renowned artist regarded as the “Picasso of India.” The documentary traces his development as an artist, highlighting his obstacles, triumphs, and relationships.

  1. Inshallah, Football

The main focus of this documentary is Kashmir’s struggles with dreaming and making those dreams come true. Inshallah, Football addresses the problems of a Kashmiri 18-year-old football aspirant. The story showcases his hardships and dilemmas whose dream is to play football in Brazil.

As a result, documentaries shed light on little-known aspects. You have the chance to broaden your thinking and be challenged by it. You can learn about the world in this manner and, therefore obtain a new perspective on the nation, its people, and its ideas by watching these excellent Hindi documentaries on Netflix.

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