10 Arijit Singh songs that can lighten your mood

10 Arijit Singh songs that can lighten your mood

Music can be the most cost-effective therapy that one can afford to light up their mood and can be used as a medium to express one’s heartfelt emotions. It can work as a healing tool for people from all cultures and backgrounds with the supreme powers to bind everyone in its symphonies. When we consider the masters of music, a name that hovers every mind is that of the legend Arijit Singh. The beauty of his voice and the stability in it are utterly soothing and can make you feel at peace. He is surely like water that fits in every mould and can take its shape; regardless of genre, Arijit Singh has the power and skills to ace it all.

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Here are 10 Arijit songs that can lighten up your mood:

1) Hawayein

This harmonious track from the SRK and Anushka Sharma starrer Jab Harry Met Sejal was
penned beautifully by Irshad Kamil and was executed with perfection by none other than Arijit Singh. With Pritam working his magic by soulfully bringing this composition to life, Arijit’s soulful voice adds the perfect essence of romance to the track.

2) Kesariya

The much-awaited and hyped-up track of the year from the much-talked-about cinematic
marvel, Bhramastra, was finally out with Arijit working his magic in all true forms. Standing true to the hype created by the song’s teaser, this romantic beauty in Arijit’s voice is all set to rule our playlists of the best Arijit songs.

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3) Sukoon Mila

This song triggers the chords of love and comfort in one’s heart and brings out the fondness one has in them for their loved ones. The song and Arijit’s voice stay true to its name and give you the perfect ‘sukoon’ that you are looking for. The spellbinding texture of Arijit’s voice with the beautifully penned lyrics from Sandeep Singh leaves an enticing mark, making you love the song, even more, when played every time.

4) Aabaad Barbaad

Another song from the hit maestro duo, Arijit and Pritam was bestowed with all kinds of love from one and all. An upbeat track from Anurag Kashyap’s Ludo grows on you gradually and takes up a corner in your heart. It’s a breath of fresh air and can surely light up your mood when it hits the right spots.

5) Phir Le Aaya Dil

This soulful track with Arijit casting his spell is an ode to the heart that is longing for someone. The lyrics set the perfect mood for an evening where you sit with a hot cup of chai, immersed in your thoughts with the warmth and comfort that this song brings into your lives. Needless to say, this song rules our hearts and can surely be considered one of the bests from Arijit.

6) Illahi

This song perfectly describes what freedom looks like. It brings out the nomad in us that is in search of something meaningful. With Amitabh Bhattacharya working his magic with the perfect lyrics that beautifully deliver the free-spirited essence of this song, Arijit’s enigmatic voice adds depth to this song, making it perfect for all the souls out there who are trying to find something meaningful in life.

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7) Mast Magan

This fresh and out-of-love offering from Arijit Singh is surely set to leave an impact on you. This song from 2 States brings out the divine essence of love and warmth and will surely secure a place in your heart slowly with Arijit working his usual magic of immersing you in the beauty of his voice.

8) Kabira Encore

This song from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani brings out the true spirit of every wedding and has become a wedding essential in all true forms. With the amazing trio of Arijit Singh, Pritam, and Amitabh Bhattacharya coming in together, this song creates a raw vibe that is capable of bringing out the tears of joy from your eyes.

9) Raabta

When it comes to the best of Arijit’s songs, Raabta is surely set to mark its place on the list. A track that is an evergreen one and will surely mesmerize you every time that it’s played, is one of Arijit’s masterpieces. A song with thoughtful lyrics and perfect composition is all set to make one feel loved and high on emotions.

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10) Sooraj Dooba Hain

This upbeat song from Arijit is surely set to make you groove to its beats and set the seamless mood for you to let go of all the worries in your life. Every word flawlessly blends with the music, and Arijit’s voice adds the perfect charm to top it all. The song is relatable, with Arijit’s voice making sure to mesmerize you all.

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